Independent Investment Review

You might prefer to manage your own money. That’s fine. But once in a while it’s nice to get a second opinion, right? Take advantage of our independent investment review. Neal will take an in-depth look at your current investments and tell you:

  • Are you taking too much risk?
  • What fees you are paying and if they are too high.
  • Are the returns acceptable?
  • Are you using the best possible investment approach for your particular situation?

Hundreds of clients have benefited by Neal’s independent, objective investment review. Why not tap into this objective independent resource now?

The Cost

As part of your investment review you’ll get detailed reports on all your investments and you’ll have a one-hour consultation with Neal explaining his findings. Your investment is $395 for this independent review and the reports.

“Why Should I Pay For This Review? There Are Plenty Of Financial Planners Who Do This For Free.”

That’s a good question. The reality is that nobody works for free. When planners offer “free reviews” all they really offer is a free chance to sell you something. The only way they can afford to offer these “free reviews” is if they make money selling you something else.

As a result, the “free reviews” are typically not objective, independent or even helpful. Ask the advisor offering a free review when was the last time he or she told a client not to change a thing. If the advisor is honest, the answer will be “never”.

Because Neal is a fiduciary he is bound by law to provide independent and objective information putting your interests first. He isn’t going to sell you anything. He’s going to provide you with actionable advice you can use to improve your portfolio.

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