Wealth Management Services

Are you looking for a professional asset manager you can rely on? Do you want someone else to manage your money so you don’t have to worry and so you can achieve what’s really important without taking undue risk?

If you are planning for retirement, already retired, a small business owner, highly paid employee, divorced or widowed, Neal might be the investment manager for you. He’s been managing money for people in your situation for over 20 years and knows what’s important to people like you.

Some clients want income now. Others want income later on. But all his clients want to grow their money safely so they don’t have to worry now or in the future. That’s the key.

Neal uses different investment models for clients depending on their financial objectives and comfort level.

Which model is best for you?

In order to know that, we have to spend some time together. Neal needs to make sure he understands your needs and risk tolerance. He wants to make sure you understand how the different investment models work to enhance your comfort level as well.

Before jumping into investment management clients typically run a financial plan. That is the best way to map out a worry-free path to achieve your goals. It also helps put the investment strategy in perspective.

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Are you a good candidate for a financial plan or investment management services?

The best way to know is to have a free, no obligation phone consultation. During that time you’ll be able to ask all your questions. Also, Neal will get to know you a little and try to understand what it is you really want. If he feels he can help you, he’ll let you know. Because he’s a fiduciary, he’s also obligated to tell you when he doesn’t think it’s a fit. Why not meet with Neal this or next week to find out if he can help answer some of your questions and provide the financial solutions you have been looking for?