Why use a CFP for Financial Planning?

All financial planners are not the same. First, as a CFP, I have a fiduciary standard I must adhere to. That means I must be honest, deal fairly and put your interests above mine by law.

In order to become a CFP, I had to undertake a 2-year course of study that included tax planning, retirement planning, estate planning, investments, insurance and financial planning development. After completing these demanding courses, I had to sit for a two-day rigorous examination and pass.

After completing the education and examination requirements, I had to have the experience and agree to abide by the CFP ethics requirement. To maintain my CFP certification, I must complete ongoing education requirements and maintain an excellent standard in the community.

By pursuing and achieving the CFP designation, I went several steps beyond what most people in the personal financial planning space do. Don’t you deserve to have the most committed professionals on your team? ¬†Contact me now to set up a free no-obligation 20 minute consultation to find out if we are a match or not.