Case Study: How to Protect Your Family

Sally and Jim have a good income but if something were to happen to either one, the family would be in a very difficult financial situation. They are thinking about buying life insurance but don’t know what kind or how much to buy.

This couple each have financial responsibilities. They can’t predict the future and they want to make sure the family is provided for should either pass away prematurely. The first step is to determine if they really need life insurance or not. Not everyone does. If the couple has significant assets and/or a low cost of living, they might not need as much life insurance as they think. If they do need life insurance I often suggest they consider term life. It is far less expensive than other alternatives.

Do you have enough life insurance? Why not talk to Neal and find out.

This case study is for general information only. This is not intended to be used as the basis for decision-making. You should speak to a qualified professional before making any investment decisions.