Case Study: Retirement Planning

Bob and Helen are going to tap into their retirement accounts to supplement their income needs in retirement. How much should they take? Should their money be invested differently now that they are retired?

When Bob and Helen stopped working, their investment accounts took on a new meaning. That money represents their security since they are going to rely on that money to provide for most of their future income.  Now they need a different plan.

I would want to understand Bob and Helen’s hopes, dreams and fears about the future. They need to protect their retirement accounts, create income and offset future inflation too. These are competing and conflicting tasks but somehow the couple needs to do all three.

Of course that involves compromise. In order to protect their money they shouldn’t take on undo risk. But in order to create a rising income stream that would keep pace with inflation, they might need to invest a portion of their assets in growth as well. Bob and Helen need to find a balance that they feel comfortable with. That’s a joint effort between the advisor and the couple.

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This case study is for general information only. This is not intended to be used as the basis for decision-making. You should speak to a qualified professional before making any investment decisions.